#BabyPink inherited a few things from me. My good looks, LOL. A love of the finer things in life, I know she is just under 4 weeks old, but this is showing already and a delicate bum.

Being on a tight budget with her arrival we started with Pampers Active Fit in the hospital, planning to change to discount supermarket brand when we got home. Snobby I know, but hey appearances and all that.

A small snag was hit fairly shortly after arriving home. #BabyPink won’t poo in a wet nappy. This means that almost immediately after having a wet one changed she does a poo! Resulting in the Pampers running out in fairly quick time. No fear we have loads of the Discount Spupermarket Brand in the press. This is where things went wrong.

Her sensitive little bum, didn’t like these one bit. Even though her bum was plastered in sudocream she still went red and very sore down there, within a day. This meant that we had to invest in an expensive nappy rash cream, and go back to Pampers. As luck would have it there were no Active Fit in the local shop, for a small cute lady like #BabyPink. (That is an actual nappy size) so Pampers New Baby Sensitive were purchased.

A combination of expensive cream, pure water wipes and the fancy nappies and the rash has healed. No cheap nappies here.

It hasn’t solved the problem of double nappies for every change! Due to #BabyPink being like me and not rushing these things, some changes even involve THREE changes, as the second one is whipped off a bit too quick.

I wonder if we can get Pampers to sponsor the blog, with a supply of nappies? Luckily it’s Lent and chocolate has been given up by the boys, saving a fortune. Not sure what we’ll do after Easter. Hopefully they will have gone off chocolate by then.

The moral of the story, cutting corners on quality leads to more expense.  Now where is the closest Baby Gap for her clothes!!

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