My Sunday Photo 6

Last weeks post was all about how active Little Miss OMG is.

This week it’s about reading.

When I was younger I loved reading. We would take trips to the library and I’d check out the full amount I was entitled to.

I would read anything. Biographies, autobiographies, murder mystery, sci Fi you name it.

I don’t have the time to read. (Wise men will tell you I have the time, that I choose to do other things with it) which is true.

I do read, mainly blogs and news, sports sites. It has been a while since I read a book for myself and not to the boys.

If the early signs are true then Little Miss OMG has inherited this. She loves her books.

Here she is waiting for her brother to come out of school.

I won’t be linking with the #mysundayphoto linky as I’ve too many other commenting commitments. But you can visit all the fab blogs that have here on Darren’s page.

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