My Must See Irish Historical Sites and Landmarks.

I moved to Ireland some thirteen years ago! It doesn’t seem that many in the grand scheme of things but it is nearly half my adult life!

During that time I’ve visited a number of ancient historical sites and landmarks.

Here is my Top Ten List of places you must visit on any trip.

Just like Top of the Pops I’m going to countdown to the number one spot. Starting this week with ten to six!

10. Blarney Castle

The main reason for visiting this wonderful castle is to climb to the top and “Kiss the Blarney Stone” thereby gaining the Gift of the Gab. Like many others before me I thought you’d just bend over and kiss the stone. How wrong was I! You actually dangle upside down to kiss the Blarney Stone!

Even without this. The castle and gardens are a fantastic day out and must feature in many people’s top ten places to visit in Ireland.

Wear sensible shoes is my tip. The stairs to the Blarney Stone are small and very narrow.
photo credit: Sue L C IMG_4031 via photopin(license)

9. Dunmore Cave

This is a fascinating day out. That has history and geology together in one place.

A guided tour takes you deep underground, where you will see natural beauty at it’s best, as well as hearing about viking massacres, and a geology lesson.

I still can’t remember which ones are Stalactites and which are the Stalagmites!

An interactive museum displays some of the ancient finds from the caves.

Bring a warm waterproof jacket is my top tip. It might be hot outside but it’s cold and wet underground.

8. Rock Of Cashel

One of my favourite places to visit.

It has everything a 12th-century round tower, high cross, Romanesque chapel, 13th-century Gothic cathedral, 15th-century castle and the Hall of the Vicars.

Take your time is my tip. There is so much to see you don’t want to miss any of it.

photo credit: amerginbard1972 AGT_3318 via photopin(license)

7. Newgrange

Newgrange is one of the most popular tourist sites in Ireland and is one of the most important megalithic structures in Europe.

Many people go on the summer and winter solace’s as the light shines through the tunnel.

This structure predates the Pyramids.

My tip is to try and go on a dry day, most of the structure is outdoors.

photo credit: kewing Newgrange via photopin(license)

6. Guiness Storehouse

By the end of this visit round the Guiness Brewery at St. James Gate you will know everything there I to know about the black stuff. From the 800 year lease that was signed for the brewery site to how the original casks were handmade. There is also a collection of some of the iconic posters and advertisements over the years.

A free pint in the Gravity bar with 360 view of the city awaits at the end.

Try to go near end of day when it will be dark so you see city by night is my tip.
photo credit: Syl H Guinnes Storehouse via photopin(license)

Do you agree or disagree? What do you think my Top 5 Landmarks are?

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