My Holiday Tech Wishlist

So in case you’ve not been on Twitter, or have stumbled on this blog by accident. In June this year Mrs OMG, the teen, preteen, 8 year old and Little Miss OMG are going on An Epic Journey to the USA.

This is going to be a once in a lifetime trip, so in order to capture as many memories I’m going to need more than the Teens phone. I’m still phoneless, after Little Miss OMG took offence to me tweeting and feeding her and launched mine across the room! Serves me right for not taking out the insurance.

Anyway here’s a gander at some of the stuff I’d buy if we won the lottery before heading off.

First up is a decent cameraphone

I’ve been using a Huawei Ascend G7 for a while now and cannot fault it. Well the screen could be a bit tougher, but we won’t hold that against them. I don’t think there’s a phone in the world that could take being smashed off the hearth by an angry Little Miss OMG.

The requirements are simple. Ease of use, a decent photo and enough memory to mean I can run multiple background apps and still use the phone.

Enter the Huawei p9. with dual Leica Lenses, 32GB ROM and running Android 6.0 this tops my phone wish list. It’s also rather aesthetically pleasing to the eye and not too big for one handed operation.

 p9Then a decent video camera

Since the little ones came along I’ve wanted a decent video camera to record those special moments. you know the ones like, your son getting face planted in the mud whilst acting the maggot on his bike. The teen getting a football in the family jewels from a toddler toe poke etc. As well as the usual cutesy clips of birthday candles being blown out, meeting Nanny and Grandad for the first time, Disney, etc.

Again I’m a simple man so the requirements aren’t huge. Lightweight (as I’ll probably end up having to carry Little Miss OMG everywhere, autofocus and auto stabilisation, again because there’s a good chance I’ll have a toddler pulling out of me and a decent battery life.

Once I started researching there was one name that kept cropping up GoPro and the winner is the Hero 4. Waterproof, image stabilisation, waterproof and a touch screen. Besides being small enough to care around. Yes please I’ll take two.

The final essential is a tablet/laptop.

I’ve long admired the Lenovo Yoga 3 tablets. When I saw that they now come with a built in projector it went straight onto the list.

I can download Netflix episodes for those times whilst travelling when only Peppa Pig will keep Little Miss OMG happy. Then use the hotel room wall for movie nights after a hard day’s sightseeing. As well as on the go blogging and social media.


So there you have it. My holiday tech essentials. Have I missed anything? Is there a better option?

Let me know in the comments.


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