Mothers Day


Not having much money. We have to do occasion’s on the cheap. My mother always said she preferred home made gifts anyway.

So here is the card Buddy made for Mrs OMG.

Very simple to make.

Step 1. Paint hand green and make a handprint on the folded page.

Step 2. Wash hand making sure no green paint is left behind.

Step 3. Paint the flower pot. You can get a piece of paper, cut out a pot shape, paint it and glue it on if you wish.

Step 4. Paint the top half of one finger and dab around top of stem to make flowers.

Step 5. Paint tip of one finger and dab in between petals.

Step 6. Write a soppy line or two inside, saying what a great Mam she is.

Step 6. Wait till Sunday and watch your child get all the credit.

Post yours in the comments. We’d love to see them.

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