Mother Care Innosense Baby Bottles Review

Having come to  the decision that 3 children was plenty after the birth of my son, all baby related items were sold, donated to relatives and friends or given to charity shops. This meant that when Mrs OMG found out she was pregnant with Little Miss OMG we had to start from scratch. 

Mrs OMG had heard the Dr Brown bottles were fantastic, until she saw the price, we used Advent on my son and were going to use these till a trip to MotherCare. 

There we saw these Innosense Bottles on offer at half price. After reading the blurb on the box we decided it was a bargain that couldn’t be left behind. 10 minutes later we left laden with 8 bottles and a cleaning brush.

InnoSense Bottles
Innosense Bottles

5  hours later we arrived home and panicked as they were not in the car. After much hair pulling, shouting (hormones) we finally realised that the eldest lad had left them on the floor in Gamestop. Thankfully a phone call to them the following morning, and another drive to Newbridge and we had our bottles.

Before I begin the review I must point out I’ve received nothing from Mothercare for writing this review, it is purely my opinion and if anyone purchases the bottles based on it, I receive nothing. If you do wish to purchase them, please feel free to mention my Blog and I might get sent a few more lol.

We didn’t realise at the time, but these bottles are designed to be used by breastfeeding mums. Once we did find out we thought it might be better and lead to a reduction in wind. So we’ve been using them for nearly a week now and here are my thoughts, I’ve based my review on three areas, Cleaning, Sterilising and Use.


I would say that as far as cleaning goes, these bottles must be one of the best I’ve used. The wide neck makes it easy to get inside with the brush. The shape of the bottle makes it a simple task to clean up under the rim. The teats pop out very easily and there is a handy little silicone thingy (technical term there) to enable easy cleaning in the rim around the teat.

I give the bottles a score of 9/10 for Cleaning.


We have always used an electric steam steriliser, so Baby Pink is no different. This was purchased months before the bottles, again for the reason it was on offer, also it stated would take all makes of bottles.

On the initial pre use sterilise the problems became apparent. Due to the size of the bottles only 4 can be sterilised at one time. Again due to the size, it is quite fiddly getting the teats and rings into the steriliser. Now having seen the MotherCare InnoSense Steriliser these problems would not be an issue. There is one big issue that regardless of steriliser would be there. Reassembling the bottles after being sterilised. The teats are very difficult to get back into the rings. So much so that, we, now wash the teats and rings, reassemble and then sterilise. I’m not particularly happy doing this, as there would be a section that the steam might not get to. But it is better than alternative of having to touch teat to reassemble.

I’ve disregarded issue with number of bottles and space whilst sterilising as that would not matter if using the InnoSense steriliser. My score for Sterilising is 7/10


For this section I’ve taken into account how easy it is for the child to feed and wind. For ease of use it is brilliant. Baby Pink has no trouble at all, right from the first use. She was sucking away. Even the change from the little teats in the hospital to these didn’t faze her at all. In relation to wind, I’m not sure if they are any better or worse. Baby Pink gets wind whilst feeding, is it more than she would get from an Advent bottle? I can’t say? Is it less? Again I can’t say?

My score for Use is 7/10

I would give an overall score of 8/10. Mainly due to the fact that I cannot say if these bottles would reduce wind as Baby Pink, still gets wind. Also the difficulty with reassembling means I cannot give a higher score. For what I paid they are a bargain. Would I buy them at full price? Probably not.

Having fully read the website description, whilst looking for the picture it would appear we might be using the bottles incorrectly. It seems they don’t need to be tilted at an angle, like conventional bottles. I will try this over next few days and see if there is a noticeable decrease in wind.


After nearly two weeks of using the InnoSense I thought it only fair to revisit the review.

So have things improved? Sadly no. It seems the longer I use these bottles the more problems I find. Due to the design shape of the teat it must sit perfectly otherwise it leaks. This is an issue, as when tightening the top the teat moves. Meaning you must use hands to reposition it.

As for reducing wind. Again sadly NO. I’ve not noticed Little Miss OMG having less wind.

Mrs OMG is so dissatisfied there is talk of giving them away and buying a whole new set by different manufacturer.

A year on.

Well we stuck with the InnoSense bottles, and I have to say most of the issues were resolved with a bit of practice.
Cleaning and putting the bottles back together became a breeze. We even learned a way to stack them in the steriliser.

All in all they are actually a great bottle for the price.

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