Messing about on the lake.

Now you’d think after the luck we havew as a family, losing bags, missing transfers, forgetting driving licenses and more. That going out on a speedboat would be a recipe for disaster!

That maybe so. We weren’t going to let that put us off. My Sister’s housemate owns a beautiful house on Lake Wylie in North Carolina. For the price of some gas she offered to take us all out for  a day of fun on the lake.

She can’t sink!

We arrived at my Sister’s house later than planned due to a small incident with a large rock. That’s a post all of it’s own! Anyway I digress.

We changed into swim gear and my Sister brought out the life jackets. She said we could go down for a swim whilst they got stuff ready. As usual the boys raced ahead. Suddenly we heard shouting and I raced down to see Buddy floundering about in the water and the teen laughing. I pulled Buddy out. Turns out the teen had pushed him in and Buddy panicked!

I then jumped in and told Mrs OMG to pass Little Miss OMG to me as she was dying to get in. “But is it safe?” She asked. Now Little Miss OMG had a special swimsuit with built in floatation AND a life jacket on! There was no way she was going to sink. As was proved when she climbed down the ladder and into the lake.

Onto the speedboat

By this time the boat was ready to be boarded. On we jumped. Well the boys and Little Miss OMG jumped. Mrs OMG and I stepped on rather gingerly. The cooler was loaded,1 off we went.

A gentle pace to begin. Then, rather sweetly I thought, my Sister’s friend asked if she could go faster. “Yes!”We said.

I could get used to this. The wind blowing on your face, sun beating down and the boat gliding across the still waters. We found a shallow spot to weigh anchor. (Check me out with my nautical terminology)
Into the lake we went. After a while I got out and left the boys and Little Miss OMG splashing about.

Time for the floats

Back on board we climbed and sped back to the jetty for the float. The boys wanted to go first so on they got. My Sister told them what to do and away we went.

Pre teen lost his life and wanted to get off. We pulled the float in and onto the boat he climbed.

Buddy and the Teen readjusted themselves and off we went. Faster and faster the boat went. Turning to pull them over the wake. Still they hung on. Eventually the teen fell and we cheered for Buddy staying on. As with all teens there were excuses as to why he’d come off before Buddy.

She’s a daredevil

Why should the boys have all the fun. Little Miss OMG wanted a go. “You’re too small Baby” I told her. “Nah she’s fine” said my Sisters friend.

On hopped my Little Daredevil, with me beside her. The boat started up and we were moving. Little Miss OMG laughing her head off. “Faster, faster!” She giggled.

I made hand signals to the boat and we sped up. Flying over the wake. Bouncing around. Little Miss OMG laughing throughout.
The next hour or so was spent taking it in turns on the float. I have to say it was great fun and everyone had a brilliant time.

It’s in the Aunts handbook

We’d been told that they had food for us. Hot dogs, fries and soda!! “Is there nothing nutritious?” I asked my Sister.

“Nope it’s in the Aunt’s handbook. I have to feed them junk!” To prove this point. She then appeared with flavoured, coloured popcorn, chocolate cheesecake and chips/taytos/crisps.

Full, tired and happy from a fabulous day we set off home.

Come back for more of our American adventures soon.  

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