Men's Denim Shirts from Jacamo


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As we’ve covered already First Communion for Buddy is coming up soon. I always wear my suit for the cermony itself, but we are having food back at our house afterwards, so I’ve been looking at the options available. When stepson #2 made his the weather was hot and I was sweltering.

Mrs OMG is my personal stylist, by this I mean I pick something to wear and she says “You are NOT wearing that!”

She did suggest a denim shirt. Now I’m 43 this year, and thought I’d gone past the denim shirts trend, then she showed me the Jacamo Denim Shirt Range, and I must say I was rather impressed. (Don’t tell her I said that!)

There is a great selection and at reasonable prices too, if it’s good enough for Flintoff it’s good enough for me. After all he’s not that much younger than me.

The shirt featured above is currently reduced to £14. No that’s not a typo just FOURTEEN pounds. That’s not the only Long Sleeved Denim shirt in the collection though, brands like Caterpillar, Firetrap and Union Blues also feature in the denim shirt range. I’m finding it hard to pick just one.

I’m not a big fan of short sleeved denim shirts, preferring to roll up the sleeves as it gives a few more options. For those of you that are, there are some great looking short sleeved denim shirts too.

This one from Firetrap would be my personal favourite.


The great thing about denim shirts is they can be layered with either a simple white t-shirt or with something a bit more colourful. I’m  off to have a look around Jacamo for some jeans to go with the shirt, perhaps if I get a pair cheap enough I might push the boat out and get new shoes as well.

What do you think a plain white t-shirt or a splash of colour underneath?


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