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Let’s face it. As interested as you all are in me and my past, reviews and my take on middle aged men’s fashion. The coffees and baking the real reason you come back to the blog is Little Miss OMG.

Well today’s your lucky day. She now has her own series on the blog and her own Instagram account.

Summer So Far

So far there have been trips to Dublin Zoo and Trabolgan. Reviews will follow over the coming weeks.

She loves the swimming pool so there have been a few visits to the pool and then the usual fun that is the ice cream van, chasing her brothers and not sleeping.

Little Miss OMG has a distinct lack of tracksuits in her wardrobe. So with the upcoming return to pre school and cooler climes we went to Primark shopping. If she can be persuaded bribed into trying them on they’ll be a photoshoot.

New Puppy

The big story of the summer so far has to be the arrival of Lucy.

Sandy our King Charles Cavalier has been with us for 8 years now. Is getting old.

She’s just not able for the amount of play that Little Miss OMG expects from her favourite four legged friend.

After much discussion I finally relented and said to Mrs OMG we would get a puppy.

So that Little Miss OMG will be able to run around with it.

Little did I know there had been background negotiations and there was a shortlist prepared.

Meet Lucy. A Cockapoo.

If today is anything to go by. They are going to be inseparable. Whether Lucy likes it or not!

Everywhere Little Miss OMG went Lucy went too.

The first day Lucy slept lots! Much to Little Miss OMG’s chagrin.

Day two and she was a lot more active. Although Little Miss OMG still wanted to carry her everywhere.

Today she has been running, jumping and playing with her new toy.

If I’m lucky the two of them will tire each other out.

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  1. Lucy is so cute, as is Little Miss OMG obviously – I think you’ve hit on the ideal combo for Instagram now with those two and I’m looking forward to all the photos! Good luck with the puppy house training, will little Miss OMG be helping with that too? I’ve picked your post for the #blogcrush linky this week. 🙂

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