Little Miss OMG’s World Week 2

Its all about books and baking in Little Miss OMG’s World this week. Last week Lucy, the new puppy took centre stage.


Little Miss OMG has partially inherited my love of books and reading. I say partially as some weeks I’ll be asked to read 400 stories.

Then the next week she show’s no interest at all.

This week we received some fabulous Black and White books. Featuring animals from Asia, Africa and Australia.

There were also some flashcards and a beautiful ABC print (That will eventually go on her bedroom wall)

The books are chunky picture board book. In other words small clumsy hands can hold them and turn the pages easy.

Little Miss OMG loves them and we must have read them a thousand times already!

Not only are they great for the little ones but a massive 25% of the profits from every product is donated to wildlife and conservation charities.


Little Miss OMG's World featured baking with Wrights Baking Cake Mixes

Ever since she was able to talk Little Miss OMG has had an unhealthy obsession with baking cakes and buns.

I say healthy because she never seems too bothered about eating them after they are cooked. This does explain my expanding waistline though!

Well who was I to say no when Wrights Baking asked if we wanted to road test some of their cake mixes.

We recieved three mixes. Carrot Cake, Orange Cake and Chocolate Fudge Cake.  No prizes for guessing what the first choice was.

Now I’ll admit I used to hold my “I make it from scratch” nose up at those people who used cake mixes. I’m now a convert, especially when there’s a toddler as kitchen assistant.

Cake mix, water, oil and a mixer are all that’s required. No fuss, no mess. even a three year old can do it!

The chocolate muffins came out perfectly. Next up the Carrot Cake.

I’m slightly disappointed with this. Prior to making this the kids had shown no interest in my carrot cake. Meaning there was more for me.

Well the cinnamon aroma had them rushing to see what was baking. No sooner was it frosted they were in like savages.

It got worse. They LOVED it! 

What I Wore

We bought some new fleece bottoms and some jumpers and hoodies ready for Back to School on the 1st of September.

Little Miss OMG wasn’t waiting that long to wear them. 

8 thoughts on “Little Miss OMG’s World Week 2”

  1. Baking. You’ve reminded me my kids want to do some baking! Better get on to that. Seems like Little Miss OMG has had quite a week. As for reading, mine have spent a lot of time in the library.

  2. Oh cool- animals of Southeast Asia! I hope they featured the endemic animal species of the Philippines: the Philippine Eagle, the tarsier, and the carabao! 🙂 🙂

    Cute cute stuff!

  3. Those books look fab, I can’t believe how you have grown lovely post and a very busy week Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  4. My daughter was the same with her baking obsession….keep with it though , it pays off she’s 10 now and can pretty much manage to make the Sunday roast. Such a lovely post and those books look great #blogcrush

  5. those books sound fab and I’m sure when grandson hits 3 and wants to help mam-gu bake cakes I may well turn to cake mixes too especially after your testimonial #blogcrush

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