Little Miss OMG’s World Week 3

This week its all about LOL Surprise Dolls, heading back to preschool, Lucy and Lullaby Milk.

Little Miss OMG Wlaking into preschool

Pre School

Last week was the first full week back to pre school for Little Miss OMG.

I’m astounded she went in every morning without crying!

Last term we had tears, neck clinging and general unhappiness every day.

It might have been the promise of an LOL Surprise on Friday if she went without crying. It’s a small price to pay!

L.O.L Surprise

I’ve mentioned the Blind Bag/Surprise Toy thing before.

It seems that You Tube videos are the gateway to actual ownership.

I can’t complain we’ve gotten away with a year of being just as excited as the person in the video, without having to purchase one.

Having gone in all week with no tears Friday came around and after the drop off we rushed to Smyths toys.

Five minutes and €6.99 worse off we left with an LOL Surprise Little Sister.

This is what she thought of it.

Lucy the Cockapoo

It took about 12 months for Mrs OMG to persuade me to get another dog.

I’m not anti dog.  It’s just they take a lot of time and do a lot of poop. The majority all of which falls to me to clean up.

Our existing dog, Sandy, is a King Charles Cavalier. Getting on a bit in the age stakes.

She just wants to lie in the corner, sleep and fart in peace. Little Miss OMG has other plans.

Another, younger more energetic dog would give Sandy a bit more peace. So we thought.

Little Miss OMG and Lucy are inseparable. They go everywhere together.

I can see this being a wonderful friendship for the two of them.

Lullaby Milk

Minnie Mouse and the Lullaby Milk

Many a time you’ll have heard me bemoan the fact Little Miss OMG doesn’t sleep much.

Well this has all changed. Thanks to the wonders of Lullaby Milk.

Mrs OMG had heard about it before, but we’d never managed to purchase any.

That all changed when hey were accepted on the Grow With Aldi programme and appeared in all their Irish Stores.

This stuff is magic.

Within minutes of drinking the Lullaby Milk Little Miss OMG was snoring on the couch.

If she wakes during the night a few sips more and she’s back asleep.

I don’t know what to do with myself with all the extra sleep.

Come back next week to see what this week had in store for Little Miss OMG.

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3 thoughts on “Little Miss OMG’s World Week 3”

  1. That Lullaby Milk is the business!!! We used it on Nip#2 when she was younger and not sleeping and it works a treat. Don’t use it anymore and her sleeping is pretty solid these days but I’d highly recommend it for anyone who’s little one(s) won’t sleep.

  2. Sounds like you’ve been quite busy! Not going to lie, I had to google Lullaby Milk since I’ve never even heard of it before haha Hope everything continues to go smoothly for Lil Miss & Lucy!

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