Kids and Sickness

Since last Friday evening the vomiting bug has invaded the OMG house. Yesterday evening we reached the point where all four kids had the bug, Mrs OMG was starting to feel a bit rough and I had a queasy stomach.

Between mopping up puke, changing clothes and holding hair out the way whilst Little Miss OMG got sick I realised there ARE some good things about the children being sick.

You can let the housework really slide!

Once word gets around there is a bug in the house, no one comes to visit! Hate putting the laundry away? Just leave it there piled up!

The food shop is much cheaper!

About all that’s been consumed in the house the last three days is toast and flat 7 up. Which also means there’s less washing up and cooking required. Winning all round.

It’s acceptable to snuggle under a duvet on the couch watching TV

We all know you have to rest when sick right. So now you have the perfect excuse to snuggle under a duvet with the kids and binge watch Pixar movies.

There’s not as much fighting and arguing.

That vomiting bug really wipes you out. I don’t think the boys have the energy to fight and bicker. It’s 3.30pm and I’ve not once had to tell them to stop, leave him alone, ignore him or roar I’m turning the wifi off if you don’t stop!

Bedtime is so much easier!

Besides a grumble that they don’t have the energy to climb the stairs to bed. I’ve noticed that the normal whines, moans, begging for ten minutes more and usual stalling tactics are missing. In fact they seem quite eager to go to bed.

So there you have it. The next time your little ones are sick and you find yourself mopping the floor, because your child has stood, spinning, projectile vomiting in the sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and every other bloody room. Just have a look back at this list and remember the good things that come with it.

photo credit: KRASS e.V. Kulturelle Bildung für Kinder & Jugend Cancer patient on wheelchair with sad, happy face via photopin (license)

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  1. Hope everyone is on the mend soon, but this is a solid explanation of the situation. Screw laundry let’s all fall asleep to Toy Story 3 for the third time this week!

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