I've Created A Monster!

How appropriate or ironic that I sit here in the early hours of All Hallows Eve and it dawns on me that I’ve created a pint sized monster.

My very own Jekyll and Hyde. Except smaller and cuter. Yes Little Miss OMG is my personal Jekyll and Hyde!

I know exactly how it happened. It wasn’t  intentional, it just sort of happened. I’ll take you through it.

When Little Miss OMG came home from the hospital she slept in a Moses basket beside the bed. Close enough that I could get to her quickly if she woke for a bottle, yet far enough away I wouldn’t kick her over in my sleep.

She then graduated to her cot. Things were progressing well. Then she learned to stand up and walk. This is where things went swiftly downhill.

Shortly after she started walking, at 11 months old. She learnt to throw herself out of the cot and onto our bed! Not too bad if I was in the bed, she’d land on me and I’d wake up. Slightly more dangerous if she was up there on her own!

The decision was made. We’d leave her to fall asleep downstairs and then carry her up to bed when I was going myself.

This went smoothly at first. Once the boys were sent to bed. Mrs OMG would watch her soaps and I’d read stories to Little Miss OMG. She’d fall asleep on the couch beside me. Once the soaps were over up to bed we’d all go.

After a while the lying on the couch lost it’s appeal and we would do jigsaws, play with blocks etc. It got to the stage Mrs OMG would head upstairs to watch soaps on the small tv in the bedroom, so she could hear them. The journey up the stairs with a sleeping toddler on my shoulder got later and later.

Trying to keep her play quiet so as not to wake her brothers. Who would have to be up for school became more of a challenge. Which resulted in her getting pretty much her own way. Painting at midnight! Doesn’t everyone? Cake baking in the small hours? Of course! Who doesn’t like waking to the smell of freshly baked chocolate cake.

Obviously certain things had to be turned down. Midnight walks with the dog, using her brothers bed/head as a trampoline as well as being pushed around the house in her Bubble Car, to name a few.
The problem is she has now learnt that my job is to keep her quiet not just entertained. Meaning if she is told no and not distracted with a suitable alternative then she has a full on Jekyll moment. Screaming, shouting, wailing, not to forget door slamming. All of which is not conducive to keeping her brothers alseep.

We’ve tried everything. Skipping a daytime nap. This just led to more Jekyll moments when she got overtired. Not allowing her to nap for more than twenty minutes. It seems that twenty minutes is all she needs to keep going till the wee small hours. I even tried waking her earlier in the morning. Ever heard the saying let sleeping dogs lie. I didn’t try that one again.

As monsters go she is quite cute. Hopefully she will get into a decent routine soon.

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