I'm a Dad not a Superhero!

Superhero @ Fed Square via photopin (license)

It seems that recently there have been a slew of articles, posts and memes from Dad’s  self congratulating themselves for being a hands on Dad! AND women congratulating Men for being brilliant Dad’s just for being a Dad. (Hope that makes sense)

Now before you keyboard warriors start bashing the keyboard with witty, rude and insulting comments. This isn’t a Dad bashing post. 

It’s just something I’ve never understood right from the moment I became a Dad. I wanted to be involved from day one, and I was and will continue to be as long as the children need me. For some reason though this has women saying to Mrs OMG “Aren’t you lucky to have him! I wish my fella would help out with the kids!”

I’m not a Superhero! I might be a Superhero to my kids. One of the people who picks them up after a fall, comforts them when they are upset, drives them to soccer or hurling training, etc etc

I’m just doing what any ordinary parent should do. Mum or Dad. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. There are many Dad’s out there who take an active role in raising their kids. There are probably a good few who don’t, and some who still think being the breadwinner is being a good Dad.

I share photosstories and anecdotes about my family and parenting across social media. I try not to paint a picture of blended family bliss, we have tantrums and tears as well as fun and laughter. 

I don’t expect plaudits and praise for doing the school runs, ironing uniforms and going to Parents evenings. 

The sad thing is it’s mums who are elevating Dad’s to Superhero status just for going to the park and changing nappies and in the same breath bashing other Mums who god forbid, didn’t have time to bake a cake for the school sale, so bought one.

We are all on this crazy journey that is parenthood together, lets put our energy into changing perceptions and making the world a better place for our kids to grow up. 


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