I'm A Crap Parent

Not in a call social services and take the kids off me kind of way. I’m no Mary Poppins or Maria Von Trapp though

As with my school reports I could do better. Unlike my school reports though, it’s not because I’m easily led by my peers, well maybe some of my twitter buddies could be a little distracting! You know who you are!

Multi Tasking

Some of it could be due to my pitiful attempts at multi tasking.

Let’s face it anyone who takes a smart phone to the loo and gets too distracted to push isn’t ready to try and juggle parenting and another task at the same time!

Maybe I should have learnt my lesson the time I tried to change a poonami nappy and tweet at the same time!

Let’s say I could have changed Little Miss OMG and sent twenty tweets in the time it took me to clean up that mess!

Here are my top seven crap parenting moments! I realise it’s a strange number. But in my mind it’s enough to be funny, but not too many to make me look totally irresponsible!

  1. Not checking the appointment card and going to the wrong hospital some forty miles away, with Stepson #1 in tow!
  2. Putting jumpers back to front, on Little Miss OMG! This happens more frequently than you would believe and is not limited to jumpers. Pajama tops, t-shirts and vests are all fair game!
  3. Forgetting to feed them! Many a time I’ve realised the time and thought “Shit. The kids haven’t been fed since breakfast!”
  4. Forgotten the time for the school run. Yes more than once my kids have been the only ones stood there after everyone else has gone home!
  5. Taking Stepson #2 out of school, driving to an appointment to discover I was a day early.
  6. Going off with Little Miss OMG wearing no shoes and socks! Thankfully she had her pink wellies in the car!
  7. Forgetting medicines. Ironically I’ll remember 30 mins before it’s due and then again an hour after its due!

Luckily these incidents are spaced out. I do have some good moments too. I’ll cover those another day.

What are your crap parent moments?

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