I Am Not Your Guru – Tony Robbins

So last night whilst Little Miss OMG slept and her brother’s watched a film and acted the monkey with their friend. I searched through the documentaries on Netflix looking for something to watch.

After a quick dash to the toilet with Little Miss OMG I returned to the bedroom to find  a documentary playing, in my haste to get to the loo with Little Miss OMG I must have pressed play with my ample butt! It was called, I Am Not Your Guru, a behind-the-scenes look at one of Tony Robbins Date With Destiny seminars.

Up to this point my only knowledge of Tony Robbins was as a life coach with a sun tan and a massive smile! This comes from seeing him appear in movies playing himself.
Something intrigued me though. As I’d walked in on the part of the Date With Destiny event where Tony Robbins asks if anyone is suicidal. I decided to watch it. The documentary followed Tony Robbins as he gave one of his Date with Destiny Seminars.

Perhaps I’m just too negative a person or don’t want to face the issues that cause me to act the way I do but I’ve never been one for these types of events. It’s all too much sharing of emotion and personal feelings. I barely do that with the ones I love, never mind a room full of strangers!  I found myself watching in fascination though as Tony Robbins worked his magic. That is what it was like to me. Watching a magician and trying to work out how does he do it?

One woman stood up and said she wanted to change her relationship with food. Tony asked her whose Love did she want as a child. It became apparent her father and her didn’t have the greatest of relationships. How he could tell this from her food response I don’t know!

The documentary starts at the beginning of the seminar on day one and proceeds in order throughout the 6 days. Over the course of the seminar certain members of the audience are selected and in what seems like minutes, but this could just be the editing, have a life changing “moment”

Somehow, like a magician, Tony understands what they are saying and like a very good psychologist gets them to realise exactly what it is that is holding them back in life. There were tears, cheers, hugs and lots of jumping and shouts of Aye.

There were also moments where Tony Robbins was filmed at home preparing for the day or in his car on the way to the event.

It would have been nice if some of the attendees had been interviewed or followed up some months after the event. To see what changes they had made with their lives. It seemed whilst watching it to be more like a DVD of the event, rather than a documentary about Date With Destiny.

Either way it does give a fascinating glimpse into what happens at one of these seminars. I’m not sure I’d spend $6000 on the event ticket to attend one though.

photo credit: vivoandando San Jose Convention Center, San Jose via photopin (license)


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