Holidaying Without Your Children!


There is nothing better to chase away the January blues than planning a Summer sun getaway.

There is a whole industry around holidaying with children. Butlins,  Haven, Bluestone and Eurocamp to name a few.

Then there are the package holiday operators offering family breaks in the sun.

There are some parents I know who either don’t holiday at all or leave children with family or babysitters and jet off alone.

I had this discussion with Mrs OMG just the other day. Luckily we both agreed. There’s no way we could go away for a holiday without our children.

Even should she ever make an honest man out of me we’d take the little torments on honeymoon with us.

This is when we all get to relax. See the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a different cultures.

As I mentioned in this post, we are off on an epic adventure this Summer. We’ve previously Eurocamped twice in France, and once in Portugal. We’ve also had a package holiday to Albuferia and a few trips to Wales and England. All with the children.

The kids love their holidays. We go to water parks. Parrot shows. Play in the pool. Do karaoke (badly by me), go out on pedalos, visit museums and historical sites.

Out for a meal in Albuferia

Yes it is stressful, planning, preparing and saving for the annual holiday. But the benefits far outweigh the stress of planning and saving.

I’ve seen my Autistic stepsons face light up after queing for an hour, when he met Mikey Mouse in Euro Disney. I’ve witnessed the sheer joy of Buddy when he rode a bike with no stabilisers for the first time, at bike school on a Eurocamp site. I’ve seen the eldest lad come out of his shell and make friends with other lads his own age.

If we’d gone without them none of those moments would have happened.

Last year Little Miss OMG got her first taste of a holiday. She had 3 swimsuits, and more shorts and t-shirts than the rest of us put together. She loved every minute of it. Even the plane!

Little Miss OMG in the pool!

I’ve a list of things needed for this summer’s trip. Top of it is a decent camera/camcorder to capture all the memories.

Have you holidayed without your children? Would you holiday without them?

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