Having Favourites Is Ok.

I saw this Facebook post from my pal David Shaul aka DadvWorld and it got me thinking.

As we go through life there are many things we prefer over others. When talking about inanimate objects and celebraties it is ok. When talking about family members it is not.

But why is this? Especially at 5. Everything is extreme at that age. They either love something or hate something. Little Miss OMG has about 50 best friends!

I remember growing up having a favourite Aunt. She drove a Trans Am Firebird with red leather seats, and to ten year old me was the coolest person I knew.

As an adult we all have people we prefer to spend time with.  I only had one sister growing up so didn’t have a favourite. Likewise with grandparents. My mother’s ma was the only one alive.

We all had a favourite teacher at school. That one teacher who made learning fun, or did that extra something to help us.

My partner has two brothers and one sister. Of these we only really see and speak to one brother. The other siblings we only really see at family events.

I think it’s ok to have “favourites” what we need to do is teach them that it’s not OK to tell people they are or aren’t our favourite. Lets face it at that age they change favourites more often than clothes! It would be a different story if they are saying they love one family member more than another.

What do you think? Are favourites ok?

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