Halloween and Pumpkins!

Growing up Halloween wasn’t a big deal in my house. Surprisingly, as my adoptive parents are American!

We had a bowl of “candy” for trick or treaters and got given a small bit ourselves. No fancy dress or trick or treating for us.

Then at boarding school in the arse end of nowhere Gloucestershire there weren’t any houses to trick or treat at.

I’m not overly keen on it as a holiday occasion but I do love pumpkin carving. We’ve not done this year’s yet!

Last year though I think were the best yet. Normally the boys help with the messy bit. Scooping out the seeds, as their choice of designs gets more intricate they are happy to let me carve the design.

My favourite “Spiderman”

Another design

Eldest lad did his own

I’m looking forward to this year’s ones. I wonder what designs the boys will want this year.

Do you go all out at Halloween? Are you a Pumkin Carver like me?

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