Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Ever since Little Miss OMG burst into my boys world I’ve made a deliberate effort to avoid gender stereotypes as much as possible.

You can read that post here, as well as other gender related ones like this and this.

There is one area that I know I’m not as open minded about when it comes to Little Miss OMG. Her stunning Red hair. Don’t get me wrong I’ve nothing against girls and women with short hair, or even shaved like Geraldine at Over Heavens Hill has done. In fact I think she looks great.

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Our TV’s and magazines were full of pictures of supermodels with long hair. My first celebrity crush was Claudia Schiffer. Then of course there was Friends and “The Rachel” cut. Hairdressers became as well known as Fashion Designers.

Even the men got in on the action. I remember David Ginola saying that immortal line.

“I’m a footballer not a movie star”

As he advertised L’Oreal. Women wanted to be with him and I wanted to be him.

I had posters of models flicking their long wet hair as they broke the surface of the swimming pool on my dorm room walls.

I know if the day arises and Little Miss OMG walks in and announces she is getting her hair cut I’ll be ok. It is her hair after all. It is an area that many femminists see as a way of going against the norm, and standing out as individuals, against male ideals. I won’t lie though there will be a small part of me that hopes she always keeps her hair.

Let’s face it if she takes after me in that line she will experiment with all sorts of weird and wonderful hair styles. I shaved mine all off. Grew just a little quiff at the front that was dyed blonde, purple and Lord knows what other colours. Thankfully Facebook and Social Media were unheard of so there is very little evidence of this phase of me development.
I’m sure though that there are many employers who wouldn’t see beyond a woman with a shaved head in a job interview. As sad as I would be to see her hair all cut off, I’d be delighted if she took a stand and shaved it all off. If it’s good enough for Demi Moore it’s good enough for her.

What do you think?

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  1. She has such beautiful hair! I’ve always been partial to long hair on both genders. Perhaps because my mom never let me have long hair as a child. Who knows? It’s wonderful that you’re willing to let her decide.

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