Goodbye Delusions Of Grandeur. Or Maybe Not!

Since I started this blog nearly two years ago I’ve not written as many posts as I could have. There are a number of reasons for this.

  1. My well known technological difficulties. (I keep breaking phones)
  2. Time. (I know all parenting bloggers suffer from this, but I’m still using it as an excuse!)
  3. Perfectionism. (Surprising when you read some of my posts. I know! There are hundreds more that don’t make it past paragraph TWO.
  4. All three together make the final one. I’ve a nagging thought at the back of my mind that says I should be writing some jaw droppingly awesome post. Pulitzer Prize winning material. (I’m not sure where I get this idea from. I only got a B in English Language GCSE!)

The four points mentioned above do mean that my long term goal of earning money from the blog might never happen.

I’ve read hundreds of “Grow your blog” posts. The underlying themes being.

  • Post Consistently
  • Find your audience
  • Find your “Blogging Voice”

Two years later and I’ve managed none of these! Blimey I’m a crap blogger!

In my own defence I like to think I’ve written the odd gem of a post. I’m quite proud of my #oopsfile guest post for the briliant Prabs at Absolutely Prabulous. Then there is Buddy’s #BirthStory this time it was for Kellie at My Little Babog

I’ve also written a couple of posts for Blended Parent Network. So all my writing can’t be that bad. Can it?

There were words of praise for Why did you leave me? From the aforementioned Prabs, who is an award winning blogger, so she must know a thing or two. It was also included in Nigel Higgins aka DIY Daddy top 5 posts of the year. (He’s a Vuelio top ten Dad blogger!)

So in conclusion my audience is an ex pat blogger in Malta and a Welsh father of five. My voice is either laughing at my mistakes or sharing my personal story. Now we just need to work on posting consistently. I think I’ll have to ask the blogging robot that is Martyn at Inside Martyns Thoughts for some tips on this.

Knowing me nothing will change so expect a haphazard posting schedule, two or three really good guest posts and one amazing post on here. While I continue my quest for that Pulitzer Prize winning post.

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