Fussy Eaters!

We’ve all been there! Either had a child of our own who is a fussy eater or had someone over for a play date with a list of what they will and won’t eat.
After an incident I witnessed while out for a family dinner the other week I’m not surprised that it’s such a problem for some parents.

We were having a meal in a local Pizza and Pasta Restaurant. As is usual, Buddy asked to try my food. A Chilli Baked Potatoe. I scooped some onto the fork and gave him a taste. He liked it so I gave him a bit more. 

Little Miss OMG wanted in on the food sharing so I gave her a bit. She didn’t spit it out but didn’t take a second mouthful. 

On our way out I overheard a girl, who looked about 8, asking her Mum could she try some of her dinner. The mother’s reply astounded me. 

“You won’t like it. Just eat your sausage and chips.”

How can parents like this expect their children to eat a varied and balanced diet? It looked like a chicken pasta dish, in a tomato and herb sauce with onions and peppers. Nothing too fancy.

From a young age we let our children try our food. Most days we all get the same thing so it’s not an issue. 

I’ve listed a few tips here to help get children to try other foods.

  1. Never force them to eat anything if they say they don’t like it. This just leads to a battle of wills. 
  2. Tell them to Try the new food and if they don’t like it they don’t have to eat it. Do this every time and eventually they will adjust to the taste and eat it.
  3. Don’t hide foods they say they don’t like in with other foods. If they find it there will be trouble and getting them to try new things will be even harder.
  4. Only give small taster portions of new foods. If it’s only a small amount they are more likely to eat it.
  5. Get them involved in the preparation and growing (if you can) If they have helped grow, prepare and cook the food they are more likely to eat it.

Have you a fussy eater? Is there anything you’ve found helps get children to try new foods.

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