From the Mouths of Babes 8

Now that Little Miss OMG is talking more and more I’ve been waiting for her to come out with some of those funny little mispronounciations and quirky little things they say.

Well Little Miss OMG isn’t disappointing in that department.

The other morning I got home from the school run and she wasn’t downstairs. I called her name and she appeared at the top of the stairs. Dressed in a pair of shorts, t-shirt and sun hat. I said.

“Aw look at my baby!”

“I’m not a baby!” Complete with foot stamp was her response. 

As she is obviously still learning how to pronounce certain sounds there are some comical mistakes being made.
My personal favourite is “Bop It” She actually means stop it. But this is so much cuter, especially if it’s being said whilst she is being tickled and is giggling!! 

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