From the Mouths of Babes 7

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to join this linky. Run by the lovely Louise at Little Hearts Big lLove.

I love reading other people’s posts and writing my own, both as a reminder for when they are older and also to chuckle at the cute things they come out with.

Having written a letter to my birth mother, in this post. I was reminded of when Buddy was younger.

During the winter we love putting on the popcorn and watching a movie together beside the fire.

One day it was Oliver.

Buddy was mesmerised. I’d always been honest about my childhood in an orphanage and subsequent adoption. I wasn’t prepared for a couple of things that would happen after he’d watched Oliver!

  1. We were at a birthday party in a soft play centre. The food had.been give out and eaten and the waitress came to clear the table. Buddy held his bowl in his hands and said “Please Miss can I have some more?”
  2. On the drive home from school we were chatting about his day. Then he said to me. “Daddy, Did the people in the orphanage treat you like they did Oliver?”

It took a while to explain to him that Oliver was a made up story and it was written a long long time before I was in an orphanage. (I think he still thinks they fed us gruel for breakfast!)

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