From The Mouths Of Babes 6

These are some of my favourite posts to both read and write. I love hearing about the cute mispronunciations that kids come out with.

Over the past few weeks Little Miss OMG has been coming out with new words and little sentences nearly every day!
Although she looks like an Angel she is a little divil, and can be quite mischievousness. Her latest “trick” is telling her brothers they are bold. Usually when she is blaming them for something she has done!
She will point at one of them and say

“Momo bold”

“Lilly bold”

She still has an obsession with “meam” cream. Once it’s been applied to her “bum bum” after a nappy change we have to give her hand cream to apply to her hands and arms.

She also babbles away to herself and anyone close enough to listen to her. 

But perhaps the best and sweetest one of all is at bedtime. The boys will head upstairs and then like something out of the Walton’s you hear a little voice saying.

“Night, night Momo”

“Night, night Lilly”

“Night, night Bobby”

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