From the Mouths of Babes 5

These are my favourite posts to both read and write. Our children are only small for a short time. It is not long long before the cute little mispronounciations and sayings are corrected.

A few weeks ago it was all about Bop It.

This week it’s not so much a mistake in pronunciation as the humour that comes with using a sentence out of context.
Regular readers will know Little Miss OMG knows no fear. Climbing, jumping and scrambling about.

Our sitting room has  two armchairs at right angles to each other. I often sit using the arms of one as a leg rest. Cue Little Miss OMG using them as a bridge to crawl across.

I could feel her wobbling so told her to be careful and get down before she fell.

“Don’t worry Daddy.” “Don’t worry Daddy.”

She kept repeating as she wobbled and shook her way across my legs!

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