From the mouths of Babes 4

Little Miss OMG’s vocabulary is expanding by the day. It seems that she is coming out with new words every day.

Yesterday we had :

  • Ton = stone
  • Ink = drink
  • Ca = car

She had her brothers names down a while ago but yesterday a new and wholly unexpected word came out of my sweet littke girls mouth.

I was watering the flowers and she wanted to help, I gave her a hug with some water in. After she had poured this out onto the flowers she said “More” I was busy doing something for Buddy so told her I would get her some more in a minute and turned back to finish helping Buddy.

“Daddy, Daddy, Dada, Dadeeeeee!”

“In a minute baby”


Well I nearly dropped whatever I was holding. I know that at some point she was going to realise Daddy had another name, but I’d thought it would be a few yeara down the road.

I suppose hearing her older brothers (my stepsons) calling me Alan has sped things up.

It appears she has learnt Alan gets a quicker response than Daddy!

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