Five Things I've Learnt Since My Daughter Was Born

As anyone who has been following my posts will know. I was terrified of bringing a baby girl into my house of boys.

Well she has been home nearly 24 hours now and I’ve learnt so much already.

1. There is Pink everywhere! Now don’t get me wrong I like a pink shirt, and own a couple myself. But, every where I look there is now pink, be it blankets, sheets, little tiny vests and dribblers.

2. No matter what you say before hand, girls get treated differently. I was forever giving out to herself for having our son in the bed, when he was a baby.
I repeatedly told herself Baby Pink would be no different. I lasted till 2am on her first night home. Ah she is so small and tiny, and was so sweet curled up in my arms.

3. I am a big softy and she is going to have me wrapped round her little finger. All it takes is her little smile and her tiny hand reaching out to me and I turn to mush!

4. Her brothers are elephants!
Now I don’t know if its the “Trying to creep in quietly at silly o’clock, but making enough noise to wake dead” syndrome, or they are just a small herd of elephants. My house never seemed so noisy.

5. I’m going to enjoy her being small and tiny and cute and not worry about boys, make up, mini skirts and discos till later. She is just so small and cute I’m going to make the most of it for the short time it lasts.

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