FFS Parenting!

The wonderful @moderndadpages wrote a post on a new type of parent.

As soon as I read it I identified. Let’s face it there’s not a day that goes by that one or all of my kids have me saying FFS!

Here are just a few recent examples:

“Can you get my PlayStation working?” When I go in and check, it’s not plugged in! FFS!

“Dad can you check if my pizza is cooked?” When going out to check, the oven isn’t turned on at the wall! FFS!

Just about to arrive at school. “Dad I’ve forgotten my P.E. gear! Can you drop it into me?”

“What were you doing when I told you to get your gear together?” I replied.

“Watching YouTube” he said.

Oh FFS! 

That’s only a small sample. What do your little angels do to have you saying FFS?

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