Father Does The School Run For First Time in 4 years.

I recently came across the story of Peter Chapman, a father of 3 living in Carlow.

Two weeks ago his wife had to go for a simple operation that required an overnight stay in St. Lukes Hospital, Kilkenny.

He had uploaded a picture to his Facebook page of the children in the car ready for the short journey to school, with the caption.  “Off on the school run, wish me luck “

Within hours the post had gone viral. With thousands of people around the world sharing and commenting.
Most of the comments were like this one.

Well done. Great to see a Dad involved with his children. You Rock!

Others weren’t as complimentary.

Wahoo great for you! What do you want a f***ing medal!! Mom’s have been  doing school runs for decades. Jackass

We tracked Peter down and met him for a coffee.

He began by telling me that he wasn’t a Super Dad. He had just done what needed to be done.  He then went on to tell us what the experience was like.

It started off well. I got the kids into the car pretty easily. I don’t know why herself gives out so much. To be fair she could have dropped the kids off on the way to the hospital. She drove right past the Bloody school. They could’ve played chase or soccer for an hour or two till it opened.

Halfway there things took a turn for the worse though. The youngest starting screaming! After a few minutes I managed to find out what was wrong

“Mammy doesn’t go this way” she said.

It took all my will power not to reply that’s because your Mother is a Crap driver and can’t drive down narrow streets with cars parked either side.

Instead I said. Because Mammy didn’t make lunches before she went to the hospital I’ve to stop at Centra and buy you rolls!

I then asked him what the reaction from the other parents and teachers was like.

Oh that was hell he replied. I felt like a piece of meat. There were wolf whistles, and lewd comments shouted at me as I passed. One Mother even shouted You can read me a bedtime story anytime! I’m not sure what she meant by that.

I think it might have some have something to do with Peter looking very similar to Tom Hardy.

I then asked would he be making it a more regular thing?

Good Lord no. I even tried to persuade the Mrs to sign herself out from the hospital to do it the following day. She drives an automatic so only needs the one foot anyway. The last time I had to do it was because she had the runs. Could’ve just worn incontinence pants.

I’m quite happy coming home from work. Checking over the homework and then putting the kids into bed. Whilst I have a whiskey and watch a bit of Sky news.

I’m still not sure why she couldn’t have the operation done on a Saturday. I wouldn’t have had to take two days off work then. She’ll be complaining when I have to stay late to catch up on work.

photo credit: Instagram: jspcastell Family portrait in Kazan (Russia) via photopin (license)

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