Fasten your Seatbelts We've hit Turbulence!

Little Miss OMG is fast approaching 20 months old. When you say it like that it makes you realise she is nearly TWO years old!

For most of those 20 months she has been a delight. Quiet, happy, content. There have been a couple of speed bumps along the way. 

Hospital visits at just a few weeks old, possible SVT, visits to Physiotherapy for an unusual gait when walking. (She’s now been referred to an Orthopedic specialist at Crumlin Childrens Hospital.)

We even had cause to worry if she might be showing signs of ADHD, which we covered in this post.

Suddenly, like a summer downpour, with no prior warning, her development has come on in leaps and bounds.

Her first coherent sentence.

Here you go Buddy!” As she threw his book at him. 

Much more awareness of what is going on. When her brothers close the sitting room door she knows they are trying to sneak outside to play without her!

She has turned into a joker and a clown. Often she will do something and look at people around to see if they are laughing!

Acting the clown at hurling training!

None of this would be called turbulent. 

She has though developed a temper and a stubbornness that only a redhead can possess. It can be amusing to watch a pint sized bundle of cuteness suddenly turn into a screaming banshee over the slightest thing.

Not so amusing when it happens in Tesco!

Or when, like a Glaswegian on the tear of a Friday night, she plants a Glasgow kiss on you! (For my international readers this is a headbutt!)

Most of these outbursts can be pre empted. Hunger and tiredness are the major triggers! Although in true toddler fashion they can be set off by anything.

I’ve fastened my seatbelt and I’m prepared for a bumpy ride.

Does your toddler seem to be suddenly developing? Are they a Jekyll and Hyde? 

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