Fancy Sandwiches

In a roundabout way I came across this picture. I read this post by  It’s Just A Phase which led me to About A Mom

Now I have  to say it looks friggin awesome! What toddler or young child wouldn’t love that served to them?

I do however forsee a few problems if I was to attempt this culinary masterpiece in my house.

Firstly the toothpicks! If my intellectually challenged kids did manage to spot them before biting into the sandwich they’d probably stab each other with them! Chances are they wouldn’t and I’d have a trip to A&E and then have to explain to the Dr how the toothpicks had gotten wedged into the roof of their mouth.

Secondly that takes more than 30 seconds to prepare. In my house I can’t get 30 seconds to pee alone, never mind enough time to whip up four of those racecars. If I could persuade the boys to entertain their sister one, if not all three of them, will get bored and then try to persuade her to watch TV.  So they can go back to playing soccer on the trampoline! Leaving her unattended in the living room.

An Unattended Little Miss OMG!

Thirdly my kids think that vegetables are the food of the devil. I manage to sneak some in with pasta sauces, cottage pies and the like. But dressing it up as a wheel is just going to lead to a food throwing fight at the table. That big lump of cucumber for the driver looks like it could cause an injury if fired across the table.

Then there’s Little Miss OMG who would just use it as a car and drive it round the table, the chairs, floor etc.

Fancy food doesn’t go down well in my house!

I once cut Buddy’s sandwich into a circle and he refused to eat it as it wasn’t a square or triangle. We’ve all had the toddler tantrum over the square/triangle sandwich right!

Then there was the time Mrs OMG picked up linguini instead of spaghetti. It took 20 minutes to convince the kids it was still spaghetti. In the end I had to tell them it had been squashed flat by being sat under something heavy!!

So if any of you fancy giving this a go. I’d love to see the results.

In fact just for the Craic I might give one of these a go tomorrow. Keep an eye on Insta Stories. It could be interesting.

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