Getting Green Fingers With Fairy and Unicorns

I’ll be honest here I’m not green fingered at all. Even my mustard seeds on a facecloth whilst at school failed to grow. So when I opened these My Fairy Garden sets from WirePr and saw real seeds I was a tad worried. Fear not intrepid readers it’s just grass seed. I think even I can grow that!

Disclaimer. I was sent these items at no cost in exchange for an honest review. To read my full disclosure policy click here.

When I first uttered that immortal phrase. “OMG it’s a girl!” Some three and a bit years ago, thoughts of fairies and unicorns were far from my mind.

Now, I know all the names of the My Little Pony’s, my Shimmer from my Shine and have watched Tinkerbell more times than I’ve had a full nights sleep.

Needless to say, even though I’m trying to be a Modern Man, when a box of My Unicorn Garden and My Fairy gardens arrived I wasn’t the most excited person in the world!

Once you’ve seen one fairy you’ve seen them all.

They did however arrive at the most opportune moment. Little Miss OMG has been home from pre school with acute tonsillitis, and is starting to get cabin fever.

They gave us the perfect activity to do indoors and keep her entertained. The fact she loves Fairies, Unicorns and messing with dirt was an added bonus.

Ease of Assembly

I’m a Dad! This means I don’t read instructions. Handily enough these are very simple to put together. In just a few minutes.

Always a winner when you’ve an impatient toddler dying to crack on with the fun bits.


Little Miss OMG and I had great fun making these. From start to finish.

Admittedly she probably had more fun than I did. My main role was trying to keep the soil in the pot as she wildly waved the spoon around that she was supposed to be flattening the soil with, as well as putting the smaller bits together.

End Result

They finished articles look rather awesome! I’m just hoping that the grass grows before she kills it off. Since we made them the objects have been rearranged a million times. (I’m not exaggerating here!) Every time my back is turned she is there playing away with them.

Final Thoughts

These are brilliant. It took just about the right amount of time to put together that Little Miss OMG remained interested the whole time.

Additional kits have been added to the Santa list. (Pretty much the highest accolade a child can give a toy!)

There is now one that lights up, which I know Little Miss OMG is going to love.

Once the grass grows I can see the Fairy Garden giving her hours and hours of fun. Be it indoors on rainy days or outside in the garden during the summer.

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