A Car Accessory You Need After The Car Chair

Obviously the most important car accessory when you’ve children is a car seat. Rear facing as long as possible. I’ve found what I think is the second most important car accessory. This is a review of some Kid Transit car accessories. I received them free in exchange for my honest opinion of them. Read my full disclosure statement here.

The most important car accessory when you have children.

Kids in cars!

When I first met Mrs OMG her two boys were aged 4 and nearly 3. They were seasoned car travellers so being strapped in to a car chair was no problem.

I liked to keep the car cleanish! By this I mean, the empty drinks bottles, crisp packets and bags were emptied weekly.

As the boys were used to eating on car journeys I stupidly allowed this to continue. When Buddy came along he often ate in his car seat. It wasn’t long till my cars became wheeled rubbish bins. Three boys make some amount of mess!

Link to second hand car buying guide.

It wasn’t until the first occasion I had reason to take a car seat out that I realised they were the perfect object for hiding bits of food, sweets and chocolate underneath. You can imagine what the upholstery looked like.

Not being flush with money we were never able to afford a newish car. Driving one car till it died or nearly died and then scrabbling together as much as we could for the next drive it till it dies motor.

Until this year. As we don’t drink much, rarely go out and besides a holiday don’t really splash the cash on large purchases we finally decided to get a newish car. This beauty on the left.


A Car Accessory You Can’t Live Without 

Sometimes products come along that you know will make your life so much easier. Well not only does it make it easier it’s a necessity when you have kids in car seats. If you want to keep the upholstery clean. Kid Transit have all the accessories you need. With one in particular that is an essential for all parents of children in car seats.

Kid Transit Car Seat Protector for Child Seats – Heavy Duty ISOFIX Compatible protector

Such a simple, easy to fit car seat protector for child seats. Simply place on the seat, fit the child seat on top and fix into place and away you go.

The protector then collects all dropped sweets, bits of crisps, Happy Meal remnants and anything else your darling drops. Being heavy duty and waterproof it also gives peace of mind when potty training! I don’t know how I lived without it before.

That’s a lie. I know how I lived before. Scrubbing wee, melted chocolate, Haribo’s and other wonders from the upholstery.

Now I just take out the car seat and remove the protector. Tip the accumulated waste into the bin. Wipe with a soapy cloth. Dry it off and back into place! All done in a matter of minutes. It really is the second most important car accessory when you have kids.

At just £19.47 you are mad not to get one. You can do so here.

Back Seat Car Organiser with iPad Holder

Now that you know the rear seat is protected there’s only one other area of concern. The back of your seat. You could buy a seat cover for your seat but that then covers up the seat pockets.

Back seat organiser with iPad holder.

A back seat car organiser protects the seat back AND gives your child plenty of storage compartments.

There are holders for drinks, books and toys as well as a tablet or iPad. I have to admit since we fitted ours there is no more throwing drink bottles anywhere and everywhere. In fact Little Miss OMG loves it so much she gets upset if her drink isn’t put in the holder. There’s also the safety of knowing that expensive tablet isn’t going to get dropped or banged and broken.

At only £14.99 it’s money well spent. Order yours here.

2 thoughts on “A Car Accessory You Need After The Car Chair”

  1. These are genius ideas! Mine makes me cringe when I take the seats out, it’s surprisingly how much collects under there. Yuck. The iPad holder would be fab for going on holiday, we’ve got a 2 1/2 hour drive for ours, nightmare!!

    1. I know. I was mortified the last time the old car had to go in to the garage and I took the car seat out to put it into the loan car.

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