Do you secretly hate your children?

Mrs OMG went to visit a friend today. On the way home I listened to the radio. Perhaps this was a bad idea, but frankly I’m sick of listening to Little Mix. Which seems to be the only CD in the car these days! No idea what happened to Guns N Roses or Billy Joel.

What I heard was a segment about parents taking to the Whisper app to say they hated their children.
I was flabbergasted to say the least. How could any parent say they hated their children? Mine are certainly no angels, there are days they drive me to the edge of sanity and beyond. Yet I will never stop loving them no matter what.

In fairness some of the things they do to iritate me are partly Mrs OMG and mine’s fault. Idle threats, giving in to whinging to shut them up and other crap parenting decisions. What idiot bought Buddy a bed with a slide on it!

At the end of the day they are children and are just doing what children do. Pushing boundries, seeing what they can get away with, trying to play Mrs OMG against me.

I’ve been sitting here trying to work out why these parents would go onto this site and write these things. What benefit is there to them?

If I’ve had a particularly tough day with one or more of the kids. I will tell Mrs OMG that night, when the kids are asleep. If they push me to the limits during the day and I need a break I’ll tell Mrs OMG and I’ll pop to the shops or just go up to the bedroom for ten minutes.

My biggest worry in all this would be that the parents are not restricting themselves to the app. Are they saying these things or similar to their children?

Are their children out there reading these messages on the app and wondering is it them? Is that my parents saying that about me.

I don’t think there is anything my children could do that would have me saying “I hate them!” Yes I might be disappointed, or feel let down but I’d never hate them.

Perhaps these parents should spend their time on the internet looking for a councellor!

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