Did you plan when your child would be born?

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We have four children. Their birthdays are in June, December, November and February. Yes its great fun in our house TWO birthdays a month before Christmas.

We had Buddy’s today.You can read about what happened in the labour ward after his birth here. It’s always tough, most presents he wants have been asked for from Santa, and money being tight we can’t afford anything too expensive.

Luckily we are heading to the USA next summer to visit his grandparents and it’d be rude not to pop to Florida and visit Mickey Mouse. So all he wanted was money for his savings. Result.

In 7 days we have his brothers birthday, again most of what he wants is on his Christmas list. (He doesn’t believe in Santa anymore!) Thankfully he wants money for his holiday savings too. I’m starting to think we should go to the States every year!)

It has gotten me thinking though. Does anyone actually sit down with a calendar and say?

If we get pregnant here, we’ll have the baby here”

I know what happened in my house. Well I know what happened with my two. I didn’t even know Mrs OMG when she conceived or gave birth to the first two. (June and December in case you were wondering)

With Buddy (November) I had started a new job in January  and missed payroll cutoff. Resulting in no wages till the end of February. Which also meant no Birthday or Valentines presents for Mrs OMG.

I promised her I would make it up to her when I got paid.

Payday came and whilst working. (Surfing the internet) I saw that the Meteor music awards were on that night. Shayne Ward, The Saw Doctors, Sinead O’Connor and a host of stars would be performing. A quick look for a hotel and we were set. Mrs OMG got the bus to Dublin, I met her and we went to the awards ceremony. Had a great night and back to the hotel bar. One or two Stella’s later and we fell up to the room.

9 months later Buddy was born! One week before his brothers birthday and a month before Christmas. Great planning!

For Little Miss OMG we had the discussion about having one last baby. I said no, she said yes. Then I changed my mind and she changed hers. A few months later we were thinking as one.

What followed was months of humping like horny teenagers, late periods and negative pregnancy tests. Mrs OMG was getting despondent and with neither of us getting any younger we agreed we’d give it one last go.

Little Miss OMG must have known it was now or never. I’d say she was a turbo charged swimmer racing up to fertilise the egg!

On Feb 9th 2015 she arrived on her due date. 7 weeks after Christmas. Giving us 3 birthdays, Christmas and New Year in a 10 week period! Definitely not the best of planning. Well actually no planning at all.

I do wonder are there people out there who attempt to conceive within certain months to ensure a birth within a certain timeframe? Or is everyone like us and just hammers away at it until they are successful?

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