Devil's, Castles and Candy

It’s Saturday, so another weekly round up. Last week was all about Pumpkins, Pirates, and lack of sleep. Read all about it here.

This week was midterm. Or in our house FFS week. As I seem to be repeating that phrase constantly in my head!

Big boys fighting! Oh FFS!

Little Miss OMG “helping” light the fire. Oh FFS!

Buddy and stepson number 2 disappearing. AGAIN! Oh FFS!

Devil in a red dress.

Tuesday being Halloween we’d purchased a Batgirl costume for Little Miss OMG. Wouldn’t be us if it didn’t go as planned! 9 am and she wants to put it on. One small problem became apparent. It was way too small! When did a size 2-3 stop fitting her! Into the car and a quick trip to the shops praying they had a costume of some sorts left in her size. Thankfully they did. ONE costume in a 3-4. A devil. Highly appropriate. I think it suited her.

She loved trick or treating so much she has asked to go back out every day since! She probably got more excited handing out the treats to kids who came to our door.

The dog who came in from the cold!

Ever since Buddy could walk he’s been mad about animals. Any sort of animal. I’ve lost track of the number of moths, butterfly’s, caterpillars etc that we’ve “kept” in takeaway cartons. We even brought his goldfish with us once when having the car NCT’d. Anyway he had been out playing and a stray dog had attached itself to him. Following him around all day.

He even named him Max. Well after feeding him and the obligatory Facebook missing dog post. The owner was found. There were tears and promises of a big dog of his own when he is a bit older.

Castles and Slides

We’ve been fortunate the weather has stayed dry so it’s given us the chance to escape the confines of the house. We made the short (in children’s time this was AGES!) trip to Kilkenny to the castle.


We’ve done the guided tour a few times so this was just to explore the grounds and play in the park.

The castle is stunning and if you are ever in that neck of the woods is well worth a visit.

We’ve also managed to squeeze some trips to ever toddlers favourite place in. The park. Little Miss OMG really has no fear and throws herself down the slide with the reckless abandon that only a toddler can posses.

Well a weekly round up wouldn’t be complete without mentioning THAT performance by my first love at Wembley on Wednesday night. Tottenham 3 – Real Madrid 1 and into the knockout stages with TWO matches to spare!

Well that’s it for another week. Back to school runs and homework next week.


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