That’s me asleep on the floor with my youngest Little Miss OMG.

I spend pretty much every minute of most days, and nights with her. Wiping her tears, changing nappies, feeding and cleaning up after her. As well as the important things like talking Dolly for a walk. Playing in the park or just walking around the neighborhood keeping her safe and listening to her chatter away.

This is a far cry from what being a Dad involved when mine began his journey into fatherhood some 30 odd years ago. 

To celebrate the modern dad I’m starting an Instagram community Dad’s in the Frame.

There’s only one rule. Dad must be in the picture with at least one of his children.

It can be a Selfie, a posed shot or a candid shot of them together.

I can’t wait to see all your picture and will feature my favourites across my social media and in a weekly roundup post.

So let’s see you Dad’s with your kids.

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