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I like driving. Not in the Top Gear, Fast and Furious sense. More in the I can drive for hours and hours and miles and miles and it doesn’t bother me at all.  

This is quite handy, as, since having children I think I spend more time in the car than I do in bed! Partly due to Little Miss OMG not sleeping, as we found out in this weeks word of the week here.

The biggest change when going from 3 to 4 children is that a family car no longer fits everyone in and then, there’s all the crap you need to bring on any trip, no matter how short.

So it’s goodbye Saloons hello 7 seaters! I’ve never been one to lust after luxury cars. Although I’ve always had a soft spot for a Mercedes. Once it gets me from A to B without breaking down I’m happy.

I did like my Volkswagen Passat and thought the relaunched Jetta was lovely. 

With the change to a seven seater any hopes of looking cool whilst doing the school run well and truly disappeared.

I’m no hippy either, but I’ve found myself lusting after an Electric Vehicle. The only problems with this are.

  1. The Cost – They ain’t cheap and are well outside my budget :'(
  2. There aren’t many 7 seaters available.

I did find this little beauty though!

The Tesla Model X. Seven full size seats, more leather than at a Rodeo in Texas, more Bells than Santa’s sleigh and Falcon doors (not even gull wing, but falcon!), enough space for all the crap 4 kids need and it never needs filling with petrol or diesel.

There is the small matter of the price tag starting at about £60,000! Guess we won’t be driving one of these for a while :'( 

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