Coffee Time Week 3

#omgItsCoffeeTime a Twitter Chat is born.

Over the last few weeks inspiration for blog posts has been pretty easy to come by. Finishing the posts not so easy. Coffee time posts though are easy to write. Here I am just a few short hours till publication day and I’m just sitting down to write this post. Instead of my usual history of coffee drinking I’m excited to announce that I’m launching a Twitter Chat.

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Simple really. A look at my Twitter feed will show just how much coffee talk I do. Insta Stories also regularly feature coffee drinking. My Fathers Day Gift Guide featured not one but Three different coffee brands. I’ve even run a giveaway and reviewed Decadent Decaf

So the natural next step would be my own coffee related Twitter chat and hashtag.

It’s Not Just a Hash tag Though

As with everything I do there was research, planning and much thought went into it. Who am I kidding. I love coffee and love chatting so I thought why not pair the two and create my own little coffee lovers community. We can recommend coffees, share stories about the best and worst cups of the black stuff we’ve had. The odd joke or anecdote, but perhaps most importantly have a bit of craic as they say here in Ireland.

When and Where

Obviously the two most important things to decide.

The When

Being an international band of coffee lovers I had to consider a time that wouldn’t be marred by school runs, dinner times, sleeping (ironic as most of us use coffee to keep us awake during normal hours as little people have kept us awake during sleeping hours) I popped all the information into an algorithm (bloggers love these) and it spat out 1pm on a Friday. Thank the Canadians for this. So the inaugural #omgItsCoffeeTime is this Friday 22nd at 1pm BST.

The Where

Well Twitter of course! Where else could I gather a collection of coffee enthusiasts who could chat away in real time? So all you need do is make a coffee, make sure notifications are turned on and search the hashtag #omgItsCoffeeTime then sit back and enjoy the hour.

There Might Be Prizes

Hasbean Coffee Mug
My Favourite Mug

Everyone loves a freebie right? Me no more so than the next man or woman. So fingers crossed there will be some giveaways for tweets that make me laugh, impart some wondrous piece of knowledge that makes us all go. “I did not know that.” Or even just for sharing the most amazing coffee centered gif, quote or coffee trivia. The best thing is, the more people that get involved the more chance there is of more free stuff. So tell your coffee loving friends. Put the kettle on. Grab your favourite mug and we’ll see you there.

Don’t forget to use the #omgitscoffeetime hashtag or you won’t be eligible to win though.

Coffee of The Week

Coffee Brewer

It wouldn’t be coffee time without my coffee of the week. This week it’s a coffee that featured in my Fathers Day Gift Guide and the eagle eyed among you will recognise it from my Insta Stories not too long ago. It’s The Coffee Brewer by Growers Cup Brazilian Blend.

This coffee is roasted darker than usual in order to achieve a powerful body. It’s a roast for the coffee lover who prefers a stronger cup of coffee. Here you get a strong, full-bodied coffee, that is rich in taste with hints of nuts and dark chocolate.

The Ascarive cooperative is placed in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. In this region you will find ideal conditions for producing high-quality coffee. The cooperative and its members are truly committed to the sustainable production of high-quality coffee.

What is unique about the Coffee Brewer is that the coffee comes in a reusable environmentally paper self contained filter. In tests this gave a quality of brew that was only beaten by coffee brewed in a French Press. I have to say they aren’t wrong. It is delicious. With the added bonus that it is so simple to make. Just open, pour in the hot water, seal and leave to brew. The longer you leave it, the stronger the brew. I would certainly recommend ordering some of this.

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