Coffee Time Week 2

Last week we kicked off our Coffee Time series by looking at the origins of coffee and introduced the first coffee of the week.

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Coffee Drinking In America

Way back in 1607 Captain John Smith introduced coffee to Virginia. It was nearly 200 years before coffee drinking really became common though. Early Americans preferring tea, cider and ale.

In 1773 colonists in Boston. Stormed ships laden with tea and dumped it’s cargo into the harbour. Protesting at the high taxes the colony was charged by the British. Dubbed the Boston Tea Party. From this day forward coffee surpassed tea as the drink of choice. Drinking tea was seen as unpatriotic.

During the American War of Independence coffee drinking persisted. George Washington was a coffee bean importer and his wife, Martha, roasted them.

As America grew so did coffee drinking. In the 1800s frontiersmen heading west took their coffee drinking habits with them. Cowboys sat round open campfires boiling a pot of coffee.

Coffee in the War

During the Civil War coffee rations were given to both Confederate and Union soldiers. Drinking coffee helped the soldiers maintain alertness and focus. This habit of drinking coffee first thing in the morning continued long after the Civil War had finished.

It is considered by many that the Civil War was one of the main factors in coffee becoming known as Americas beverage.

During the First World War American soldiers consumed thousands of pounds of coffee daily. Like during the Civil War it was used to maintain focus, attention and mental awareness. It was around this time that coffee companies like Maxwell House started to make instant coffee. So that the troops could bre it quickly whilst out in the field.

After The War

At the end of World War 2 American soldiers returned home. Their coffee drinking habits stayed with them even after leaving the army.

This is when a “coffee break” to rejuvenate tired workers became the norm.

Roadside diners serving coffee sprang up across the country to serve the workers on the road. Truckers, salesmen and many others all started stopping for a coffee and a donut. Now a staple of Americans daily.

Pop back next week and we’ll look at how Brazil became the largest coffee bean producer in the world.

Coffee of the Week

This weeks coffee of the week is from Hasbean. You may recall them from my Fathers Day Gift Guide.

Hasbean Coffee Mug

Hasbean was started by a fine coffee lover in his native West Midlands. He started with a market stall and a dream of bringing the best coffee to everyone. Here’s an except from his own story.

A lovely old lady came across to the stall and asked what we were selling. I explained my prepared and well rehearsed story about this fine specialty coffee that been sourced from all corners of the world. She was impressed, and said “I’d like to take a bag please”. It was our first sale of the day. I ground the coffee for her o­n our lovely grinder, sealed the bag carefully and thanked her very much. So pleased was I to have introduced this lovely lady to good coffee, it didn’t matter to me that everyone else was walking past and no-one was buying. Indeed when the end of the day arrived there were no other sales, yet I was still pleased. o­ne person converted to the good stuff was a start. After all, from acorns mighty oaks spring.

Sadly she returned the “faulty” coffee later that day as it didn’t dissolve when she poured the hot water over it.

Luckily for us this didn’t deter him and he looked at alternate ways of getting his fine coffees to consumers.

The Coffee

  • El Salvador Finca Argentina Washed Bourbon(milk chocolate, caramel, orange, green apple)

This is a delightful coffee. The minute the water hits the coffee you get the citrus and chocolate flavours.

As you drink it the caramel cones to the fore with that delicious apple undertones.

This is the perfect coffee for that morning cup. To be savoured and enjoyed before the madness of the modern world begins.

You can purchase the full HasbeanHasbean range here. Keep your eyes peeled as there will be a giveaway soon.

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