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Do you follow me on Twitter or Instagram? If so then you’ll know coffee features quite prominently. In light of that welcome to a new weekly feature OMG It’s Coffee Time.

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Each week I’ll be sharing a different blend of coffee. Telling a bit about the company that produces it, where you can buy it and what I think about it. I might run some giveaways like this one for Decadent Decaf. There’s even the possibility of venturing out on the road and visit coffee shops.

I’ll also be sharing a little about the history of coffee drinking from its origins in Yemen to the worldwide chains of coffeeshops we now have.

History of Coffee

The first credible record of coffee drinking or the coffee tree is from Yemen in the 15th Century. These accounts are from Sufi monasteries.

Yemeni traders brought coffee beans from Ethiopia back to Yemen and began cultivating the bean. The Sufis used the drink to aid concentration and as a sort of spiritual intoxicant when chanting the name of God.

By the 16th Century it had reached the rest of the Middle East, South India, Persia, Turkey, Horn of Africa and Northern Africa. Coffee then began to spread across Europe. First the Balkans and then onto Italy and the rest of Europe.

Come back next week to find out about the history of coffee in the Americas.

Featured Coffee

This weeks featured coffee is from Bird & Wild. I’ve only just discovered this coffee brand. They are quite unique for a couple of reasons.

  1. It is shade grown coffee
  2. Part of the proceeds are donated to the RSPB

The Company

Bird & Wild coffee is Fairtrade, Organic, Bird Friendly and Shade Grown. As the RSPB’s official coffee, 6% of all sales are donated back to them to help them to protect wildlife, restore our woodlands and build a future where we live in harmony with nature. Available in two delicious flavours, the Seasonal Blend is medium roasted to perfection for a smooth coffee with dark chocolate tones, balanced acidity and bright floral aromas. The medium dark Espresso Blend is expertly roasted to produce a well-balanced tang of cocoa and fruit within a dark, creamy body that makes it ideal for espresso and milky drinks.

The Review

I’ve been drinking the Bird & Wild Espresso blend for a week now. I’m very impressed.

I use a French Press for all my coffee. This allows me to make it as weak or as strong as the mood. (Lack of sleep dictates.)

When I make the first brew in the morning the smell fills the house. There is a real earthy smell and on these warm summer mornings, add the bird song and warm air blowing in through the open windows. You could be forgiven for thinking you were on an Italian holiday.

Ever since my early twenties I’ve not been a fan of black coffee so I take mine with milk. This doesn’t affect the taste, in my opinion. I’ve even made a Latté using the French Press to foam the milk. It was delicious!

I’d certainly recommend the Bird & Wild Espresso Blend and give it a 4.

You can purchase Bird & Wild espresso blend direct from the website here. Use BIRD at the checkout for a 10% discount.

Alternatively you can purchase from Amazon using my affiliate link.


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