Coffee Time 5

Welcome back to another coffee time. This week it’s all about Arabica coffee, Vagabond Coffee Roasters and some great coffee bargains for you.

Did you try making some cold brew during the heat wave? It’s a refreshing drink even when it’s not too hot.

Here’s the post so you can brew some up.

What Is Arabica Coffee?

I’ve often wondered what Arabica means on coffee products. I’ve finally gotten round to researching it, so you don’t have to.

The Coffee Plant

Is an evergreen shrub from the genus coffea and a member of the rubiacea botanical family.

There are several species of coffea plant. Arabica is the finest quality and accounts for 59% of the worlds coffee production.

Coffea grows in tropical regions. The start of the rainy season is when the plants start to flower.

Around nine months later the fruit appears. Deep red and shiny, each one containing two seeds, or beans.

With the rain the fruit flourishes. Harvesting then begins.

This is a careful process as both ripe and unripened fruits can be found on the same plant.

Coffee Beans

The coffee bean is actually the seed of the coffee plant.

Found inside a red fruit, often called the cherry. Each cherry contains two seeds or Beans.

Surrounded by a layer of membrane, called parchment, and a layer of sweet pulp.

The caffeine content varies from 0.9 to 1.7% of the beans volume.

Coffee of The Week

I’m loving finding new coffee roasters and blends to share with you.

I’m so excited to share the latest with you as I’ve been so impressed with their coffees.

Vagabond Coffee Roasters

Here’s a bit about them from their about me page on their website.

Based in north London, we roast in small 5kg batches on our trusty Giesen so that we can guarantee freshness as we strive to reveal the best our coffee has to offer. Part science and part craft, we are never afraid to experiment so that we can truly express a coffees’ unique character every freshly roasted batch at a time. As a small team of committed coffee professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, Vagabond Coffee Roasters’ collectively bring years of experience, expertise and thirst for knowledge to the cupping table – to ensure that our commitment to quality is never compromised.

I received their gift box to try. I’ve started with Blazacs Cup.

Bag of Balzacs Cup coffee beans from Vagabond Coffee Roasters

This is truly a wonderful blend. Made from 65% Guatemalan, 20% Colombian and 15% Kenyan.

Truly a taste sensation. Not a hint of bitterness, the flavours and aroma are second to none.

It was so nice that the first day I had about three cups! I then realised it wasn’t going to last long at that rate.

So have been limiting myself to one cup a day. At a time I know I will be able to sit down relax and savour the flavour.

I’m sure the others will be just as good and are sure to feature as a coffee of the week soon.


This is a new section. Here I’ve collected some super coffee related bargains for you from around the web.

First up is the Lavazza A Modo Espira Bundle Pack. Available from Coffee Click Reduced from €168 to only €49 while stocks last.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Espresso Machine

I’ve also found the Bodum Coffee Grinder at a €15 reduction in both Copper and Silver from Argos

Bodum Coffee Grinder

Hopefully I’ll see some of you on Twitter on Friday at 2pm BST for #omgitscoffeetime

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