Clothes Shopping

So in an effort to get me adjusted to the idea of having a baby girl herself decided clothes shopping would be a good idea.

Tesco’s were having a sale and bargains were to be had. Off we went.

Its not hard to find the girls section. Like a neon pink beacon in the sky. I’m certain it can be seen from The International Space Station.


Herself dived into the rails, reappearing waving t-shirts and leggings. “Look only €2!” She exclaimed.

I was frozen to the spot staring at a pair of red, tartan hot pants in size 0-3 months! “Who would put those on a newborn?” I asked in shock.

With this I ambled down the aisle. I’m not sure if it was the pinks, reds and oranges, but my temples were throbbing.

None of the clothes appealed to me. Am I getting fussier because she is a girl. I dress the boys in Penney’s and Dunne’s clothes. Are they not good enough for a girl? Am I warming to the idea?

Without realising I had wandered into the boys section. Now here were clothes I liked. Blues and greys. Pictures of dogs and diggers. My headache had gone. Slogans like “Daddy’s little driver” “My Daddy Rocks”


With a jolt back to reality herself appeared with armfuls of pink, flowery girls clothes. Waving them proudly, my opinion of every item was sought. A turned up lip was given in response to most. Eventually I had to agree to some of them. We settled on some leggings and t-shirts. Nothing pink, though there was some pink writing and graphics. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she will be a tomboy I thought.

My duty done I found myself wandering off to the reduced section.

The clothes went home and straight into the press. Out of sight out of mind.

Today is 38 weeks. 14 more days to adjust to the idea. Unless she arrives early. “Where’s the paracetamol?” I can feel a headache again at the thought!

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