Can't We All Just Parent Our Way?

Becoming a parent is something akin to becoming the England Football Manager. Everyone has an opinion on how the job should be done!

I’ve done my fair share of criticism of Managers down the years, but us fans invest so much time and energy, (Not to mention money!) following the team that when they perform badly we feel every right to be aggrieved and to air those grievances in the only way we can. Shouting profanities at the manager! (Since having children I’ve had to tone down my frustrations and cursing!!)

How one person parents doesn’t impact on anothers except in some circumstances.

There are so many different types of parenting these days. Attachment, Helicopter, Free Range, Controlled Crying, Breastfed, Bottle Fed, Homeschooled, Traditional Schooled, Boarding Schooled, etc etc
I have to say we use a mix of a lot of the different types in our house. Mrs OMG is a bit of a helicopter, I’m more free range. I think this mix balances itself out. The children have more free reign to explore and try things out when I’m in charge and less when Mrs OMG about.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times our opposing views clash like two Lions on the Serengeti, but for the most part it works smoothly.

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What I can’t figure out is what makes other people suddenly assume their way is the best and THE only way! Giving them an automatic right to tell you, normally without any solicitation on your part, how to raise your own children!

For example. I was mildly surprised to learn a good friend has no technology for their children, save an hour on the laptop every now and then!

As I’ve written here we do not limit screen time, but that is our choice. I was even more astounded to hear people had criticised their choice! Not in a nice way either.

It’s not just technology that gets other people’s backs up. What age you can leave your children home alone and for how long is another parenting choice that can lead to a knock from Social Services after a tip off from someone.

Now obviously depending on age, maturity and the length of time alone this choice can vary from family to family. Once the children are not in any danger then it’s nobody else’s business.

Diet, exercise,education, the list of parenting flash points is endless.

Breastfeeding is another contentious issue. I’ve had my say on this matter before. Read what I thought here

I’ve seen many a Tweet and Facebook status vehemently castigating someone for their choice of feeding method.

Frankly it’s gone far enough now. So I say you can take your views and opinions and keep them to yourselves.

If I want your advice I’ll ask for it.

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