Candid Cuddles #1

I’ve seen this linky by two of my favourite bloggers Prabs and Cuddlefairy a number of times now.

I’ve not linked up till now as I’m not normally one for all those positive motivational quotes. I really am the least motivated person I know! If I had just a tiny bit of motivation lord knows what I could accomplish! I did after all go on a personal development course run by a fantastic life coach, Brian Mayne and all I came away with was this gem.

“If you don’t breathe in sync while making love with your partner you aren’t right for each other!”

Deep and meaningful, I know!!

Upon reflection though I’ve a few quotes that I bandy about quite a bit. There’s also a few I use regularly with the kids. (Don’t worry Becky, FFS isn’t my link up quote!)



This is one I often use with the boys, and I’m sure Little Miss OMG will hear it a few times.

It’s the motto of my football team, Tottenham Hotspur but fits with my attitude to life.

You won’t accomplish anything unless you dare to do it!

Cuddle Fairy

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