Bye Bye Nappies

In a recent post titled Potty Training is Go, I wrote about how we had started on our Potty Training adventure.

I had great plans for this developmental stage. Sticker charts, getting Little Miss OMG to pimp her own Potty like Rosie had done.

As with most things in my life it just sort of happens without my carefully thought out plans ever being put into action.


photo credit: Darren W 258/366 – 12 September: Potty training via photopin (license)

I’d like to say it was my genius parenting.

That there was some magic trick I’d discovered that I could write an eBook on. Making us rich and propelling this little space on the internet I call my own to the next level. TV and radio appearances.

Alas no. Little Miss OMG did it practically by herself.

Besides the odd. “Do you need the Potty?” Or the, “Go on use the Potty before we go off in the car.” Little Miss OMG has taken to the Potty like Wayne Rooney to Community Service!

The Potty sits in the corner of the sitting room.

She will happily trot over to it. Drop her pants and do the business. Both wee and poo’s. I even found her one day, carrying the Potty into the toilet after using it to empty it!

The last few nights the nappy has been bone dry in the morning! I’m not quite ready to do away with the night time nappy just yet. I fear it won’t be long though.

When did that tiny little bundle we brought home from the hospital turn into the little lady that she is now.

Time to get out the books and start her education, maybe she’ll teach herself to read and write

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