Buy Refurbished this Christmas

Although I do sometimes receive items free of charge to review. This is not one of them. I was so impressed with the service I wanted to tell you about it.

With one teen, a pre teen and Buddy in the house technology features quite often on Santa lists and birthday present requests.

It seems this year it’s all about the iPhone! I personally don’t like them. I had one once but traded it very quickly back to Android.
The boys however have been asking for iPhones for a while. This year we couldn’t put off the requests any longer.

Brand-new is our of my price range and the amount I’m willing to spend on a phone. The teen wanted an iPhone 6 and pre teen and Buddy were happy to get an iPhone 5 each.

I’d seen various adverts pop up on my Facebook timeline for refurbished iphones. Some of them were filled with comments saying they were a scam or service was poor. I’m loathe to buy from an online only store. Especially as it’s easy enough to register as a company in one country but not actually have an office or physical store there.

Then I found Viberstore. A bit of research showed they were a large company, had a physical head office in Dublin and a phone number that was answered by a real human being.

We decided to buy one phone from them and see how that went.

Yesterday I phoned them and placed the order. Paid with the card. A bargain price of €129.99 plus €7.50 for guaranteed next day delivery. A few hours later they ran to say no white were available but they had black. Not a big issue it will be covered in a case anyway.

Today we came back from shopping and there was a package tucked behind the plant pot on the doorstep! Not the best place to leave over a hundred euros worth of phone, but that’s the courier and not their fault.

I promptly opened it and was amazed! The phone looks brand new. The box isn’t an original and there are no headphones, but I knew this anyway. There is a lightning charging cable included.

Buddy will be delighted and I will definitely be ordering more phones from them. They have some fantastic deals for Black Friday.
If anyone in your house is looking for a new phone or tablet this Christmas I’d certainly recommend you check them out.

Or if you are like me and have a collection of broken phones, bookmark them ready for the next time you break one!

photo credit: MTSOfan Phone in Hand via photopin (license)

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