Baking with ProU Yoghurt

I have to admit my diet isn’t the healthiest. OK it’s shocking. Skipped meals, energy drinks and loads of carbs. Its no wonder there’s more of me to love these days. I’ve been saying, for quite some time, I need to make some positive changes. When the chance to try out a unique yogurt, ProU came along I couldn’t say no. It also gave me the chance to try baking with yogurt.

ProU Strawberry Yogurt

The Science

In a nutshell Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D are all essential to maintain strong muscles and bones. As you reach middle age and beyond, bones and muscles weaken. Part of the reason why it’s harder to stay slim. (Yes! It’s not the Rocky Road. OK its the Rocky Road!)

The Pro U yoghurts contain up to 100% of vitamin D, 20% Protein and 80% Calcium of the recommended daily amounts. All essential to maintain healthy bones and muscles.

The Taste

I love Greek yoghurt so was pretty sure I was going to like these. The kids however are a different story. If it doesn’t have smarties or chocolate balls in then it is nigh on impossible to get them to eat a yoghurt.

I have to admit at first they were a bit tart and they have a very thick consistency. Half way through the first pot and my taste buds had acclimatised to the lack of sugar. If you like Greek yoghurt you will love these.

Baking With Yogurt

Anything that’s good for me, must be good for the kids right? My next challenge then was to try and get some of that goodness into them. Then it hit me. Every child loves cake. So let’s do some baking with yogurt. Using ProU instead of butter.

Obviously it’s not as simple as just swapping out butter for yogurt. A bit of research and I’d found a recipe to use as a starting point. All went well in the preparation stage. Into the tin and the oven. According to the recipe it need 60 minutes of baking. Being covered for the last 15 minutes or so. After only 30 the top was being to darken. I covered the top of the pan as instructed and waited a further ten minutes.

A skewer pushed into the center of the cake came out clear. Hey presto we were done. Going by looks it wasn’t the prettiest baking effort I’ve ever had. Knocking on the bottom gave a hollow sound. Again not inspiring me with confidence over the attempt.

ProU Yogurt Cake

The proof is in the pudding as they say. It tasted quite nice. A bit heavy but nice nonetheless. Buddy asked to try some. I never say no when the kids want to try something new.

He LOVED it. So much so that a day later he had most of it gone. Flour and Olive oil have been added to tomorrows shopping list and we’ll have a second attempt. Once the recipe is perfected I’ll pop it on here for you all.

6 thoughts on “Baking with ProU Yoghurt”

    1. Oh it is. I normally skip breakfast because there isn’t time. I can have one of these ate be the time the kids have their shoes and bags. 😀

    1. I’m going to give it another go as I think my weight conversions were off. As soon as I have it cracked I’ll be posting it.

  1. I love Greek yogurt! We made a change to natural yogurt but I stir a tiny bit of ham or fruit in for the kids cuz they aren’t used to no sweetness yet. Great idea to bake with it. I’ll pick up some ProU in town later!

    1. Greek yogurt is so filling! I’m going to have another crack at the cake and there’s a soda bread recipe I want to try to.

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