Babystones a New Way to Celebrate Milestones.

I’ve spent a fortune on having photos taken at shopping centres and pop up stalls. Those cute outfits and backdrops get me every time.

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The Idea

Baby Stones is a concept derived from years of expensive, exhausting, time consuming photoshoots taken in the mall and other places. We’ve all been there. Your child is turning one year old or he or she is celebrating something and you want to take a good photograph and think the only way to do this is to find a good outfit, props, and a local store to do it all at. Well, that’s all in the past now! Trust me. My husband and I have been there. We have two young children under the age of four. One day, we thought there must be an easier, cheaper, more convenient way to do this. Why can’t you simply have the outfit, props, and photo capability delivered to your home. Why can’t it be done without spending almost a hundred dollars each time? Well, we think we’ve come up with the perfect solution. Thus, Baby Stones was created.

How it Works

It’s important to note a few things about each package. My husband I specifically created each package personally to make sure it included the perfect outfit, accessories, and other goodies to ensure a fun and healthy and of course happy photoshoot. We always wanted to get the perfect picture of our kids and by the time we got everything together they were running past us down the hallway and the last thing they wanted to do was sit still. Now, you can get everything you need and get them all ready in the matter of minutes. The most fun part of it all is you don’t need to feel cramped at some photo studio in the mall or store that feels like a hospital room with bad backdrops. You get to do it anywhere you want! Some of the best photos we have to this day are Delilah sitting in her favorite chair in her room. We threw in a chalkboard and a few other fun things and the rest is history. We open up what we’ve been doing for years to you now. We hope that you enjoy the experience as much as we have. Let’s face it, they grow up so fast and you can’t get back those moments! Enjoy.

For more information and to book a package or series of packages check out the Babystones site.

I for one wish it was available over here, but sadly this is just a US based company, at this time.

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